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Mobile app vulnerabilities



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What are the most common mobile apps vulnerabilities?

In the intricate world of mobile app development, where functionality meets vulnerability, understanding the common weak points is key to fortifying your digital creations. As developers and app owners, navigating the landscape of potential threats is a vital aspect of ensuring robust cybersecurity. So, what exactly are the mobile apps’ ...

using components with known vulnerabilities



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Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities prevention

With the race to make software development even faster, companies start to adopt a new way technique based on using already developed code components. Unfortunately, this development technique comes with many security vulnerabilities that have made the software even less secure regardless of the enhancement the used development technology has ...

supply chain attack prevention



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Website supply chain attack prevention

One of the most critical and dangerous cyberattacks that any website could be vulnerable to is the supply chain attack. Those types of attacks are very difficult to detect and stop as they exploit the trust relationships between the supplier and his clients. So how to prevent a supply chain ...