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trojan vs rootkit



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Is a Trojan a Rootkit ?

Trojans and rootkits rank among the most prevalent types of malicious software, frequently employed by attackers to have complete control over victims’ machines. Nevertheless, the question arises: Are trojans synonymous with rootkits? A trojan is not inherently a rootkit. While both are types of malicious software, they serve distinct purposes. ...

Malware artifact/IOC



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What are malware artifacts ?

In the intricate landscape of cybersecurity, understanding the concept of malware artifacts is paramount for safeguarding digital environments. All malwares has their own digitale signature that is represented by their artifacts, that can be used to detect them in infected machines. So, what are malware artifacts? Malware artifacts are traces ...

malware analysis books



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Top 15 best books on malware analysis

Embarking on the journey of understanding malware analysis is an exciting yet vast undertaking. Getting started with the right books, especially in the early stages, is crucial for a solid foundation. So, which books stand out in the realm of malware analysis? Let’s explore the top 15 books that have ...